Sunday, November 25, 2012

Farm Tour Volume:All the Pretty Colors

Hello y'all.

I'm just looking at some photos that I took at the farm during the Thanksgiving holiday and thinking how absolutely beautiful the fall tree color is this year. Now our typical fall color wheel goes from kinda brown-brown-dead-bare, but I suppose this year's climate has been just perfect for an awesome fall show.

All of you people from the Northeast and Colorado please keep in mind that we native Texans are tempted to just jump up and down and clap our hands at scenes such as these.

I love the quality of the light in the picture above and was just mesmerized (yes, almost to tears) by it's unique luster.

Some of the trees were simply brilliant. I love the serenity of this picture with the cows to the left.

Here's a close-up. Years ago I had my "colors" done. Did y'all do that? It was all the rage at the time. Basically it was just a process to identify (from your skin tone, hair, and eye color) what your most flattering colors would be. I was quite disappointed when I was told I was an "autumn". I really hoped to be a kicky summer or fun spring. If I had only realized how lovely fall colors can be! Oh to be as beautiful as a tree!

I think this large, dead tree that has washed ashore is quite sculptural. Don't you agree?

Here's a closer view... I think next time I will take a chisel and fashion a coffee table from it.

Or a china cabinet.

Go big or go home.

For all the Weegie fans...

Although the lake is certainly not full, it is so good to see this much water after last year's devastating drought. Do you see all the ducks in the air? They were absolutely everywhere on the water-I just love the sound their wings make as they take flight.

Hope you enjoyed the extremely brief tour!


Beverly Nault said...

Really enjoyed this beautiful photo journey, thanks!

Karen Wood said...

Great pics, Lu! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Yea, FALL!! :)