Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Aim to Please, But I'm Not a Crackerjack Shot

So I get an e-mail from a friend. And she proceeds to tell me that I need to post something that will help her get over the angst she experienced last night during the election coverage.

Something "you know Lu, like you post about your life and things around your house and Weegie and all that - you know Lu, Boring Stuff..."

End quote.

And then she may have mentioned that "you realize you're not a poet don't you?"

Which I don't know about you, but that last one practically shocked the life right out of me.

But she's generally pretty smart, and she graduated and all, so here goes. I always believe that boring is best brought to you in handy list form.

1.  We are loving the weather here at Mudpuddle Inc. I have given the entire staff a few days off. They have spent their time laying in the chaise on the back patio in the sun and occasionally eating a stick.

2. Over the weekend, The Chief and I went shopping at Highland Village which is all very trendy and fashionable (this is important only because we are not...) and had a great time. We actually bought a new dark brown leather couch and chair to replace our current and almost identical dark brown leather couch and chair which we plan to move up to the farm. Like I said, we're practically trendsetters. Next thing you know we'll be on HGTV.

New show title: Keeping Things Just The Same with The Chief and Lu

3. While we were fan-cee shopping The Chief even was on-board when I suggested we go into Sprinkles Cupcakes and buy some of the highly over-priced, yet decidedly attractive little treats. We got three. Cinnamon, Lemon-Ginger, and Salted Caramel. (I know y'all would have just died if I hadn't told you that). Anyway, the funny thing is that The Chief actually ate some of each of them and really didn't say anything at all about the exorbitant price. Something is definitely wrong and I have suggested he have a full medical work-up. Because The Chief and a $4.00 cupcake is just not right.

You know it's so.

4. Several of our neighbors (I like to call them the Christmas Overachievers) have already had the Christmas Light People come to their houses and get them all decked out for The Holidays. Personally I think this is like stabbing Thanksgiving in the back. Or, I suppose the front if you look at the calendar.

5. My dear friend and neighbor (not one of the overachievers)(at least not in the Christmas light sense) (but most definitely in the cute earrings sense) JoBeth and I went to lunch yesterday  at the original Goode Co. Seafood where we enjoyed one of my very favorite foods in the world, the Campechana.

Please. This is an awful, awful picture. It doesn't begin to do the dish justice. If you've never had it you simply MUST.

It's the most wonderful concoction of fresh chunks of seafood like shrimp and crab and fresh vegetables like tomato and avocado in a peppery, deep rich sauce. Think seafood cocktail on steroids.

(Of course, without the subsequent accusations, costly trial and resulting loss of advertising sponsors)

I will accompany you for your first taste. No, no. Don't thank me.

I have the actual recipe for it (it's about 10,000 ingredients long) but I've never made it myself. My fear is the potential disappointment. Why should I risk that?

We may have each eaten one of those apiece and then ordered something else to split, but I really can't remember. Let's just say I won't really need any further nourishment until sometime in December.

I trust this has been sufficient in the boring department.

Have a good day!

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Cindy Murrey said...

Thanks for making me smile!!