Friday, November 9, 2012

No Fear of Flying Here

Last night was the final meeting of the Bible Study on Ruth that I've been hosting in my home. We started in the summer with a study on Nehemiah (Get out your hammer people, we're building that wall!) and then chose Ruth for our fall study. And honestly, if you've never REALLY studied Ruth? Oh sweet mercy, you're missing some fabulous drama, a budding romance, and an abundance of blessings all rolled into one short little chapter.

They always say big things come in small packages.

What an encouragement this group of women has been to me. What a lovely yet diverse combination of personalities and backgrounds.  Women that accept and understand the everyday struggles of others.

Did you know everyone has struggles?

Just checking.

Do you have a group of friends with whom you learn new things? Are they aware of what's happening in your life? Do they know what's hurting you? Do they not only say they understand but also do something tangible and meaningful (like pray!) as an affirmation of their concern?

If not, I encourage you to seek out a group of people like this. Invest yourself in others. Really learn what is going on in their lives. To me it's kind of like the wonder of travel.  Through travel I've opened my eyes more fully to the place that I occupy here on earth. This tiny little place that is my earthly home seems so much clearer to me in scope when in the context of such an awesome world. Everyone is not like me (boy, did we all dodge the bullet on that one), and for this I am so grateful.
But as I have traveled, I have changed.
You'll experience the same changes if you visit your friends' worlds. Really show up. Pack a bag. Read their own personal guide book. Ask about their history. You'll learn things about yourself that you never knew before.

It won't even require a ticket or itinerary. No baggage fees. (!!)

All it takes is willingness on your part.

Thank you ladies, you're like London, Paris, and West Texas all rolled into one!

(Oh and Russia! Shout out to Natasha!)

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