Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So Sleepy... or is it Sleepie?

I didn't sleep too much last night,
my mind, it was a' reeling.
I'm not sure why. I can't explain
the feeling I was feeling.

I was tired, I was pooped,
and yet so wide awake.
I guess it really might have been
My Brain. Oh mercy sake.

Sometimes it takes me here or there
There's never any telling
It sticks sometimes on things so weird
like words I have been spelling.

I try to think on other things
like sheep or happy bunnies,
But really, if the truth be told
at midnight, nothing's  funny.

I ask you? Do you lie awake
and watch the clock like I do?
Are you so sad you cannot sleep?
You want to cry and boo-hoo?

The answers are tied up somewhere
I'm sure inside my psyche.
I will admit, nobody cares
Just how I should spell like-y...



Please send help...

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