Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey is as Turkey Does

I've been kind of thinking that we might need to talk turkey.

Tis the season.

Now I love a good turkey. A moist, tryptophan-filled bird with a little crispy crust on the outside. A  perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, and perfectly delicious fowl.

A turkey that is cooked by anyone but me.

Not that I've necessarily had a lot of turkey failures. Unless we go back to that one particular boy in high school.  No. I've not really messed up too many turkeys because I've been afraid to get  involved. Emotionally or on a strictly physical level.

I'm a turkey chicken.

(Now that right there is funny. Just admit it. It's Friday. Things like that are extra funny on Fridays.)

I don't care who you are.

I've always been able to weasel out of the turkey thing as we were typically the ones traveling to meet family for Thanksgiving and frankly, even the slimmest of turkeys takes up a lot of room in the cooler. Room that I need for TAB. So how could anyone possibly expect me to bring a turkey to the celebration? I'm always much better with a soupy apple pie or maybe some really lumpy mashed potatoes. They are my Thanksgiving specialties.

But this year.

This year I am responsible for the turkey and to be honest I have contemplated going somewhere and contracting a serious case of the plague just to get out of it. Surely I wouldn't be expected to pull through with a turkey if I was feverish, hallucinating and covered with large sores.

But I have a really cute new shirt that I was planning to wear on Thanksgiving Day and all, and after weighing that against the whole plague thing I've decided to just suck it up and take a turkey.

I know.

I'm practically a Warrior Princess.

I have decided to allow an excellent BBQ place to smoke a turkey for me. And I am not ashamed.

That's not completely true. I am ashamed.

But just think. This way there's no sores, a darn cute shirt, and some tasty leftovers.  And as a bonus? I'll still have time to make the much anticipated pie and mashed potato knots.

So it's win-win for everyone.

I guess I'm more like The Thanksgiving Angel.

Have a good weekend y'all.

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Lisa Williams said...

Since we celebrated in our teeny Fredericksburg home. I bought a smoked turkey last was the best thing ever! And by "best thing" I mean among the other stuff I bought. And by "ever" I mean the stuff I served last year. And by "last year" I mean any holiday I'll ever have in the itty-bitty cottage.