Sunday, December 16, 2012

You Pay For The Whole Seat, But Only Need The Edge


Anyone still there?

It seems I may have been neglecting my duties around here just a bit. I realized last night that chances are high most of you have barely functioned normally without my frequent, spellbinding updates. Especially around the holidays when I should be providing a minute-by-minute account of all the excitement.

So here you go

-The Christmas Tree- I've practically devoted every spare second in the last two weeks to keeping the tree alive, lush, and slurping up the water. A little background: I need a live tree. I just can't get on board with the thought of an artificial one (which is certainly not to say that all of your very own personal, artificial trees are not just delightful!). But for me, the texture and the smell and the sap and the needles and occasionally the interesting creatures that come along with a live tree are too tough to give up. I like it all. The trouble is, we selected a slightly much larger Noble Fir (always my species of choice) than we typically do which precipitated an avalanche of Humongous Tree Related Problems.

First, The Chief had to build a new custom stand which includes a very large plastic container for holding approximately 10 gallons of water. (I sacrificially gave up one of my very favorite Tupperware storage containers) (I'm kind of like a martyr, I know) Then there was the fact that we realized that almost all of his saws (do you find it strange that he has a WHOLE HOST OF SAWS?) were inconveniently at the farm, so removing some of the pesky bottom limbs became a frustration. The drilling of the holes into the bottom of the trunk (for maximum water absorption) turned into what might be termed a fiasco (because seriously people, if you don't know, or have never participated in any kind of tree preparation with an Engineer?) The main and only goal is to



If you do? Christmas joy as we are so fortunate to know it is basically over. If the tree stops absorbing  water for even one second there exists the chance of a seal instantaneously forming in that second thus rendering the tree unable to soak up it's life liquid. And then really. Nothing else is good. So it can NEVER go dry.

I let this happen once. It's a time I'd rather not recall.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that with the help of an automatic timer, some nerve pills, and the loss of a lot of my free time. our tree is beautiful and green.

(Oh and also with the help of my dear friend and neighbor who gave her time and energy to keep that sucker alive while I was out of town for a few days)

God Bless you JoBeth. She texted me at one point to say that it was taking so much water that she might have to give it all the eggnog next...

-The Christmas Gifts- I've bought two. That's it. Isn't it still November?

-The Christmas Parties- I've hosted two in the last seven days.

-The Christmas Foods- I need to make my official Christmas Cinnamon Rolls, a few Pralines, and some Martha Washington candy. Which makes me think. What are the Must Have Christmas Foods in your home?? 

A certain kind of cookie or cake? Do you make tamales?
candy of some sort? like your Grandma's special fudge, or peanut brittle?

I'd really like to know.

But now?

Gotta water the tree.

I'd love to hear from you.


Ruth Ann said...

Have to make divinity every year. Made three batches so far, probably have to make at least two more. That's my 30+ years tradition.

Lu said...

OK. I'm definitely going to have to get brave and try the divinity again!