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Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's Where I've Been

Hey. Hello. How are you?

I was kind of hoping that I could invent some kind of wild, interesting story to explain why I haven't posted in a while, but many of you know me personally and you could sniff out a fabricated story on my part a mile away. Drat.

I've been busy. Just like you. And now that all of the festivities are over all I have are random photos (but wonderful memories!) that seem to make no sense, tell no story, sing no song.

See no evil.

I'll stop.

Here are a few shots of the last few days of randomness...

We enjoyed my nephew's lovely wedding and reception. Congratulations Wes and Debbie!

Here's a shot at the reception which was held in my sister's awesomely beautiful barn! I'm taking the pic from the upstairs loft. From what you can likely tell, this is a party barn and not an animal barn! No donkeys in sight.

Weegie had a birthday! He's 7!

He got all the rides he wanted in the Mule.

He got a new bone!

The whole big hoopla just wore him out.

The Chief and the boys worked on pulling down one of the century-old trees that sadly did not survive last year's horrible drought.

They all stared up into the air a lot.

They attached a large, heavy duty strap to the tree...

And used the tractor to pull....

Usually, the strap either snapped like rocket and slammed into the front of the tractor (which made me scream and run back into the house). Or it flew off and got all hung up in the trees.

In which case, they all just kind of gave up.

It was really cold out.

I hope your last few days have been wonderful too!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ode to a Ligament (by Weegie)

Ode To A Ligament
By Weegie (Copyright Yesterday)

It's question time around here now,
and I have one for you.
Have you ever torn your ACL? You haven't? I have.
Boo Hoo.

You might recall this time last year
I had the same disaster.
The left one then, the right one now
And no, my sprints aren't faster.

I'm not sure why I have to deal
with all this pain and limping.
It's easier to strut, you see
when legs, they don't cause gimping.

The fact that I'm a working dog
creates all kinds of issues
I'm handsome, smart, a studly guy,
sometimes the girls need tissues.

There aren't too many dogs out there
who'd keep The Chief in line,
do all the work, get zero pay,
and still be oh so fine.

Because I guess it's hard to find
good looks, great minds, all sum.
It's fairly easy to forgive
My legs, they are, quite bum.

The Chief was thrilled to hear I'd need
another little surgery.
And if I said that under oath
I'd be committing perjury.

Some pain, steel screws, and whining now
are all I have to ponder.
It's better than the other thing-
to meet the Wild Blue Yonder.

I'll let you know what you can do
to make my days more pleasant.
Chicken, blueberries, cheese and such
All told, delightful presents.

I'll keep in touch and let you know
how quickly I'm progressing.
I am as always, now, and then
Your Humble Canine Blessing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

He Likes to Mix it Up

Last week we had lots of rain. (Yippie Yahoo by the way!)

Weegie mostly did this.

And then because he's just so wild and cray, later in the day he did some of this...

And then to really change things up, he'd do this for a while...

But THIS WEEK, he's determined to take advantage of the non-rainy (yet at least) days and get all kinds of funky and do this...

(Please excuse his wanton-ness)

and then he might just top it all off with a little...

Let it never be said that Weegie doesn't live in and for the moment.

I hope your Monday has been equally as spontaneous!